Beyond the Inconvenient Truth

Seasons are amiss. The west wind seethes, and the north blasts spite and fury. Rain either withholds her graces entirely or floods the land with torrents of outrage. Ravening storms sunder land and sea, and extinction stalks the creatures. Everywhere, the order of life is tortured, and Earth shudders, racked by the toxic despair that humanity exudes.

Liberals . . . Conservatives . . . Independents . . . ?

Governments offer no solutions. They are monuments to compromise and cut-throat competition, petrified beyond principle and vision. Religions are no better. For all their homicidal piety, they practice little that they preach. The Holy Joes share more in common with their sinners than their saints. Bullies are rewarded; peacemakers, reviled. Women and children are, essentially, spare parts and passing amusements, fodder for the endless wars that men of power wage, but never suffer.

Who, in all the world, has the will and wisdom to stop this generational delusion?

Priceless, isn’t it? Ever since man turned his allegiance to a distant vengeful god, women have abided as the underclass. Yet here at the precipice of human destiny, it falls to us to conjure the will and courage to become Creation’s champions.

Besides, who, better than we, can comprehend the soul-numbing waste of eternal inequality? Who else realizes that this disconnect is not a localized event, but one that dismisses wholeness and sustainability, ignores justice and compassion, and reproaches the wit necessary to re-balance a fatally unbalanced world?

Continued . . .       

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